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PPM is proud to release the products you have all been asking for! Our new range of PPM Billet 4340 Crankshaft is a must for your high power engine build. Specifically designed for professional racers, Billet Crankshafts are ready to cope with the stresses of high compression, high RPM and Mega boost. Our engineers have combined the highest quality alloys, the very latest forging & machining technologies. The result is best Billet 4340 Crankshaft on the market, ready for any abuse you can throw at them.


Engineering and Manufacturing standards surpass OEM quality and design
Machined to competition specifications
Knife edged counter weights for improved rotational aerodynamics
Direct replacement for 3.2 Carrera 84-89, 3.3 Turbo 78-92, 364, 993, 996/997 GT3/997 Turbo
2 stage nitride hardening process
Controlled Displacement Micro (CDM) polished
Multi Rate rod journal oiling system
12 Radially Profiled counterweights
Lightened and dynamically balanced counterweights
80% stronger in tensile strength than OEM crank
12% lighter than OEM crank
Capable of withstanding well beyond 10,000 rpm

These Billet Crankshafts are Normally Made to Order! Manufacturning time is 6-8 weeks.

However sometimes we do have some stock available so please ask.

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