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PPM RACING Australia Ultimate Nissan VR38 GTR R35 Stroker Kit 4.48l….

You will receive:

PPM Special Design Custom Billet 4340 EN40B Crankshaft 94.4mm Stroke with our F1 Surface finish.

PPM Ultimate 4032 Forged Pistons with 2x Coatings Safe 100mm Bore, Upgraded H13 Wrist Pins & Rings. Any bore size, any compression ratio available upon request!

PPM Ultimate H or I-Beam Connecting Rods with ARP 625+ Bolts.

6x Darton MID Sleeves

What Makes PPM Racing VR38 GTR Stroker Kit better?

1. Crankshaft: The utilization of the billet 4340 EN40B crankshaft is superior in materials choice over any forged crankshafts!

2. Pistons: PPM Racing (2x)Coated 4032 Pistons are the best quality, design and material selection for Ultimate performance usage. Pistons come standard with H13 Pins.

3. Connecting Rods:

We only offer our best Connecting Rod for the VR38 GTR, if you want the best and strongest you go with our PPM Ultimate H or I-beam Connecting Rods …

4. Availability:

Due to the huge worldwide demand our kits are made to order. Delivery time is 6-8 Weeks should we not have them in stock

If you are looking to make 1500+BHP than this is the kit you want!

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