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PPM RACING Australia Ultimate 9,000+RPM Capable Ford Barra AU BA BF FG 4.0L Rotating Kit Super-finished … As used by TBRE Performance , and Grieci Performance & Race Engines and many Others all over Australia….

You will receive:

1: PPM Special 12x Counterweight Design Custom Billet 4340 Crankshaft with OEM 3.91″ Stroke Super-finished…

2: PPM Ultimate 2618 or 4032 Forged Pistons with 2x Coatings 92.5mm Bore, Upgraded H13 6mm Wall Wrist Pins & Rings… Options -8.8CC or Flat top (9.5:1)….

3: PPM Ultimate 4340 I-Beam Connecting Rods with ARP L19 7/16″ Bolts and our special F1 Surface Finishing….

4: ACL Race Calico Coated Race Conrod Bearings

5: ACL Race Calico Coated Main Bearings

6: ARP Custom Harmonic Damper Bolt

7: ARP Pro Series Flywheel Bolts

What Makes PPM Racing Ford Barra AU BA BF FG 4.0L Rotating Kit better?…

1. Crankshaft: The utilization of the Certified Billet 4340 that has Aerodynamically and special optimized 12x counterweight design for increased Strength and High RPM potential, enlarged journal radius, heat treated to over 65HRC…

2. Pistons: PPM Racing (2x)Coated 2618 / 4032 Pistons are the best quality, design and material selection for Ultimate performance usage.

3. Connecting Rods: We only offer our best Connecting Rods, PPM Ultimate I-beam Connecting Rods are proven in 400+HP per cylinder engines…

4. Delivery time is 8-12 Weeks should we not have them in stock. ore information about our Special Surface finishing: This highly guarded secret by Aerospace, Formula 1,Nascar component manufacturers is out and now available here at PPM Racing! Competitive racing parts are subject to very high loads, even shock loading, which means particular care must be taken over the final condition of a components surface. In the competitive racing industry, where striving for ultimate performance is an everyday matter, surface stress and surface finishing must be looked at in every situation and improvements can result in an increase in the endurance limit of 30% with life extensions of 30 times! The PPM RACING surface finishing process is able to take race components and achieve a chrome-like, smooth surface finish ….

Advantages of PPM RACING Surface finishing:

1.Enhance performance

2.Surface reduction to mirror like finishes

3.Reduced contact/surface fatigue

4.Increased lubrication retention and heat transfer

5.Reduction in lubricant temperature

6.Optimum surface roughness and stress characteristics

7.Good rounding ability to sharp edges for ease of handling and assembly

8.Extend performance characteristics

9.Protect critical components

10.Enhance damage tolerance

11.Prevent premature failure

12.Achieve longer life at higher loads

PPM RACING Surface finish process creates a soft film on the surface of the part whereby non-abrasive media wipes the surface clean to re-expose the surface to the chemistry again. This continual process of re-exposing the part surface improves and refines the surface without a lot of metal removal.

The PPM RACING Surface finishing process is able to take race components and achieve a chrome-like, smooth surface finish…

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