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PPM-RACING Custom Forged pistons + H-Beam Connecting Rods + Forged Crankshaft Combo for

Fiat Uno-Punto 1.4L Turbo

PPM is proud to release the products you have all been asking for! Our new range of PPM pistons and H-Beam connecting Rods and Forged Crankshaft are a must for your high power engine build. Specifically designed for professional racers, our Conrods & Pistons are ready to cope with the stresses of high compression, high RPM and mega boost. Our engineers have combined the highest quality alloys, the very latest forging & machining technologies. The result is best pistons + Connecting Rods and Forged Crankshaft on the market, ready for any abuse you can throw at them.

Comp ratio from 8.0:1 or 8.5:1

Piston Size:

80.50mm, 81mm, 81.50mm

This kit includes:

4x Forged Pistons, rings, gudgeon pins, spiral locks, 2x coatings

4x H-Beam Connecting Rods with ARP2000 Rod Bolts.

1X 4340 Standard Stroke Forged Crankshaft

Our Kit is good for 1500BHP and 12000RPM

Delivery can take up to 6-12 weeks if we don’t have them in stock and we have to manufacture them.

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