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PPM-RACING Forged pistons for Ferrari F430

PPM is proud to release the product you have all been asking for! Our new range of PPM pistons compliment our existing con rod lineup and are a must for your high power engine build. Specifically designed for professional racers, our pistons are ready to cope with the stresses of high compression, high RPM and mega boost. Our engineers have combined the highest quality alloys, the very latest forging & machining technologies and then topped it all off with cutting edge coatings. The result is best pistons on the market, ready for any abuse you can throw at them. Features: pistons forged from 4032 grade aluminum alloy CNC machine pins each piston de burred by hand machined ring grooves for low-drag, light-weight rings asymmetrical valve pockets precision milling for maximum weight savings without compromising strength anti-friction coating skirt coating reduces drag, scuffing, friction and cylinder bore wear phosphate coated (read more below) high performance rings, pins & spiro locks included in piston kits PPM’s forged pistons phosphate coating gives the grey appearance. This is a dry lubricant coating which is permanently bonded to the piston surface, as opposed to a thermal film coating which can wear off. This phosphate coating provides a lubrication to the pin bores and ring grooves until the engine oil reaches operating temperature, most importantly during cold start scenarios, protecting against galling and micro-welding.

Bore Size available: 92mm, 92.5mm, 93mm, 94mm

Compression Ratio available 11.3:1 or 12.0:1 or 12.5:1

We also offer custom Compression Ratio option please ask

This kit includes: 8x Forged Pistons with Coatings, Rings and Gudgeon Pins.

We also offer matching Connecting Rods please email us for more details.

These Pistons are custom made to order and manufacturing time is 6-8 weeks

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