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6x PPMRACING H-Beam Rods for Ferrari Dino V6 engines.

C/C 117.983mm, B/E 47.117mm, B/E 19.989mm

PPM Ultimate H-Beam design connecting rods

It includes features as:

1.100% premium AISI4340 forged billet steel

2.Strict forge and heat treatment processed forgings, hardness of 36-42 HR C.

3.Aluminium/Silicon/Bronz alloy bushing

4.3D software re-designed critical C-bore area, special CNC machining ensure smooth connection and free of sharp edge, significantly improved strength

5.Standard equipped with the best ARP 2000 bolts (220,000PSI) or Cust. Age 625+ bolts (260,000PSI) for extra cost.

6.Accurate sized and edge chamfered dowel sleeve for easy and accurate re-assembling.

7.Sunnen hone solution for all big bore and pin bore finishing.

8.Enlarged mating surface increase mating area strength significantly and grinded mating surface makes re-assembling job accurate and easy.

9.Thread-end is blinded to same length as bolt

10.Radial grooved bushing crates an oil reservoir within PE improving pin lubrication.

11.Cap is designed thicker than beam to increase strength.

12.Special designed EP hole, establish arch form to undertake loading from BE.

13.Ribbed PE is standard feature to minimum PE distortion under interia load.

14. The oil groove on the big end surface is the standard feature.

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