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12x PPM RACING H-Beam Connecting Rods for BMW M70 V12 Engines..

PPM Sportsman H-Beam Connecting Rod is produced for 800+HP engines rated in excess of 200HP per cylinder and priced for the everyday performance.

It includes features

1. 100% premium AISI4340 forged billet steel
2. Strict forge and heat treatment processed forgings, hardness of 36-42 HR C.
3. Aluminium/Silicon/Bronze alloy bushing
4. 3D software re-designed critical C-bore area, special CNC machining ensure smooth connection and free of sharp edge, significantly improved strength
5. Standard equipped with the best ARP 2000 bolts (220,000PSI) or Cust. Age 625+ bolts (260,000PSI) for extra cost.
6. Accurate sized and edge chamfered dowel sleeve for easy and accurate re-assembling.
7. Sunnen hone solution for all big bore and pin bore finishing.
8. Thread-end is blinded to same length as bolt
9. Radial grooved bushing crates an oil reservoir within PE improving pin lubrication.

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