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KAAZ 1.5-WAY Limited Slip Differential (LSD) for BMW E30/E36  w/ OE Open Differential (188)

Kaaz Limited Slip Differentials (L.S.D.) react fast without fail and have a wide range of adjustments to suit different driving conditions. Kaaz uses the largest friction plate size possible and also increases the number of plates to gain maximum performance. With Kaaz LSD, you get the following advantages:

– Kaaz LSD will work even when the slightest torque is applied

– The increased ability to transfer power from the engine to the wheel

– The power acting on the plates is reduced so that abrasion on the pates are protected

– Increased number of friction plates to greatly improve abrasion efficiency

– Increased heat capacities of the plates for better engagement

– Not only the friction plates, but all parts of the LSD has been improved

– Parts are made larger, so the overall strength of the main body is increased.

The above advantages puts Kaaz LSD near perfect efficiency, stable operation, and long lasting outstanding control for drivers. Installation should be professionally done. Proper break in for the LSD is important. Please read manually carefully before installation and break in. Works with E30,E36 with 188 OPEN DIFFERENTIAL

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